How To Fix Windows Update Error 0x800f0990?

If your Windows 10 PC isn’t working well because of errors in the recently installed app, driver, or update, you may try to reset the PC to repair Windows 10 errors. DISM is short for Deployment Image Servicing and Management. You can use DISM command to install, uninstall, configure, and update Windows features, packages, drivers, settings, etc. Although with a fast flash drive for installing the OS and a fast backup drive for restores.

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If you know the date your problem started, check the box next to Show more restore points. The following screen usually suggests a recent restore point and your last critical update. Press the Windows key, type Reset this PC, and press Enter. If it’s a software problem, reinstall it or contact the developer for assistance.

When the W10privacy program opens, click on the “Extras” button on the horizontal menu. This will open a dialog box with a list of six checkbox options. Extract the files to a subfolder in the W10Privacy folder. When installing or upgrading, the first step is to be aware of your hardware specifications. The following is the minimum system requirements for Windows 10. After SFC and CHKDSK complete, fixing any corrupt files along the way, restart your system. When the process completes, type sfc /scannow and press Enter.

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Overclocking, however, does place additional strain on your hardware—even if it is within the reasonable confines of the advertised hardware limits. Resetting any overclocking may help clear your Machine Check Exception errors.

Even if your search doesn’t turn up any information, you should run a virus scan ASAP. If that doesn’t help, updating your drivers might fix your problem. Check out our ultimate guide on how to update device drivers. Go to the Device Driver that could be the problem (again, it’s usually drivers like display adapters, network adapters, or sound, video, and game controllers).

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If you specify NULL, the key gets a default security descriptor. Certain values in the registry are used to determine security settings for applications that do not call CoInitializeSecurity. You can use Dcomcnfg.exe to modify these default security settings for a computer. For step-by-step procedures that describe how to use Dcomcnfg.exe for this purpose error: 0xC00000E, see Setting System-Wide Security Using DCOMCNFG.