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The big deck on this mower helped us get the lawn mowed quickly. The seat is comfortable, and the engine starts right up without any issue. The transmission is easy to shift with your foot, and the 19 horsepower makes this mower seem speedier than others.

For a 42- to 46-inch cutting deck, a 14 to16 horsepower engine will be ideal. Mowers with a 46-inch to 54-inch cutting deck require an 18 to 24 horsepower engine. Cutting width refers to the width of the lawn mower’s cutting area. The wider the cutting width, the less time it will take you to mow your lawn.

Cutting Deck

They used to make these old Snapper rear engine riding mowers easy to work on. This lawn mower is easy to drive and has just enough power for a smaller lawn. The seat is comfortable, and the three-gallon fuel tank means we didn’t have to fill it up as often. I have learned that if one goes to fast while mowing said mower will not have enough time to digest the grass and expel the grass properly. Thick stands of grass will bog down even the higher horsepower mowers.

rear engine mower

Some customers noted that they wished it had anti-scalp wheels, which help to control the height of the cutting deck on uneven and rough terrain. Also, similar to complaints of some of the other products, customers said this machine could benefit from a clearer owners manual. The Troy-Bilt Pony 42 inch 439 cc Auto-Choke Engine 7-Speed Manual Drive Gas Riding Lawn Tractor is best for lawns up to 2 acres. Other attachments available for this product include a rear bagger and mulch kit attachment which are sold separately. The Troy-Bilt 382 cc Auto-Choke Engine 6-Speed Manual Drive Gas Rear Engine Riding Lawn Mower is ideal for lawns up to 1.5 acres with relatively flat terrain. This machine allows users to easily switch from side discharging grass clippings to mulching mode, which helps avoid thatch buildup and returns nutrients to the soil, keeping your lawn healthier.


Craftsman makes reliable lawn tools, and this riding mower is no exception. It has a Briggs & Stratton gas engine that starts right up without the need for a choke. It has a 46-inch cutting deck so you can finish mowing quickly. The best small riding lawn mowers have the horsepower that ranges between 10 and 30. The decks have widths between 28 and 60 to meet the needs of various sized lawns. They also are available with gas-powered motors as well as with green battery-powered engines.

It’s easy to use, powerful, rides nicely and has a great turn ratio for those tight turns. Some customers noted that it can be tricky to maintain traction on an incline but that keeping it on a lower speed helps with the ability to control the mower. Others said that they wished it provided for 1/2 inch cutting heights (for example, 2.5 inches instead of having to choose between 2 and 3), but that this is definitely not a deal breaker. The Ikon XD also includes an impressive 52-inch mowing deck with three blades and 13 different cutting positions, making it capable of trimming large lawns of more than 3 acres.

Knowing your lawn size is imperative to helping you select the best type of riding lawn mower for your needs. For larger lawns that require more than just simple cutting, a heavy duty lawn and garden tractor may be the best fit for your needs. Every individual is going to have the features they value most, some being a tight turn radius, others being the comfort of the seat and steering wheel, and still others being the type of transmission. No matter your needs and values, you can feel confident that the products on this list are of high quality, so once you determine what you need, you can find the right mower to get the job done. Customers commend this riding lawn mower as one of the best low cost small ride on lawn mowers because it runs smoothly and cuts corners in a small radius. Some customers noted that it does not have power steering, which augments the effort needed to turn the steering wheel, making it simpler to drive.

rear engine mower

If you are looking for a powerful mower that can trim even the largest yards in a jiffy, then this model is definitely the right choice for you. Measuring just 62″ x 34″ x 26″, the TB30 is another pretty small lawn tractor which can mow where larger riding mowers simply can’t, and is also easy to store rear engine mower away in a shed or garage when not in use. For ease of maneuverability this mini lawn tractor mower has an 18″ turning radius, along with manual power take off , giving you quick and easy blade engagement. In determining the best riding mowers, we explored a number of features at varying price points.

As you see in our riding lawn mower ratings, the best rear engine riding mower differs from a usual tractor and simple grass cutters in technical characteristics. Our main goal at homemakerguide was to choose the best among the three reviewed. So, Troy-Bilt Briggs & Stratton Riding Lawn Mower 382cc is the winner among top-rated rear engine riding mowers.

rear engine mower

The mower only weighs around 377 pounds making it one of the lightest riding mowers available. It also takes up far less space than other mowers and measures 66 inches by 32 inches by 43 inches. In addition, the model is made to be stored standing up, saving even more room in your garage or shed.

The Ariens Icon-X is a solid, comfortable, and quite a powerful machine. The last attribute is determined by the high-torque Kawasaki FR 23 HP 726cc V-Twin engine. Taken this fact into consideration, it’s amazing how silent this rear engine lawn mower can be, especially when put under constant pressure. It also features instant ignition and a classy top speed of 7 mph.

The Ryobi RY48111’s blades are thinner than normal and are optimized for an electric riding mower. The blades bend when it hits an object to protect the motor from breaking. It is recommended to have replacement blades available just in case. When choosing a riding mower, look for one that accepts accessories and attachments such as baggers, aerators, mulchers and lawn sweepers.

One customer pointed out that it has a bit of trouble going backwards uphill but otherwise it’s a great, reliable product. It can also reach a top speed of 7 mph which gives it the power to get through thicker grass. And, the Jack’s Advantage means you get Free Freight Shipping and Free Technical Support for the life of your new riding lawn mower. If you still have lingering questions about riding lawn mowers, read on for answers to some of the most common concerns.

Rear- engine lawn mowers are smaller, allowing you to navigate a smaller yard more efficiently. For yards larger than a half-acre, look into a lawn tractor or zero-turn mower. For sloped yards, consider a lawn tractor or zero-turn mower with a high horsepower engine that can handle climbing slopes. The overall width of the rear engine riding mower is just 28 inches, up to 12 inches narrower than front-engine riding mowers. You can ride through trellises, garden gates, and around raised flower beds safely and easily with the rear engine riding mower. The turning radius of most rear engine riding mowers is under 6 inches.

These are known to be more affordable than tractors and zero turning radius motors. Deck Size is an important factor and rear engine riders normally only offer a 26 to 33 inch deck. This means it will take much longer to cut a large yard with a smaller blade than you would find on a standard riding mower. Front engine riding mowers normally come with a 42 to 55 inch deck and often have two blades vs a single blade on a smaller deck. Not surprisingly, a mower with a larger cutting deck will often save you time, but not always.

rear engine mower

Lastly, there is the zero turn radius mower which is fast and can make 360 degree turns in a pinch. These machines are typically used by professional landscape contractors. They are fast and maneuverable, which will increase how efficiently you can get the job done. Zero turn machines help cut a lawn more efficiently because of their ability to turn 180 degrees at the end of a mowing row. This leaves no awkward patches of uncut grass that you have to go back over after the job is otherwise complete.

That is usually the case when you are cutting a big yard, so it is really important to choose a mower with a comfortable seat. A high-back seat is very comfortable compared to a low-back seat and it also reduces the chance of having back pain. You don’t have to worry about that if you are going to mow a relatively small yard. A zero-turn lawn mower is better suited for mowing this sort of lawn in circumstances where you have a large number of trees or objects on a flat yard. That is because they are quick and simple to navigate, but these features often have their own drawback, such as failure to run them in hilly or messy environments. To make sure you can get rid of the cutting grass and keep the cutting deck clean, they introduced the feature vertical stand-on-edge.

In terms of riding lawn mowers, the frame is one of the narrowest you will come across as the mow width offered is only 28 inches. Rear engine riding mowers have a lower center of gravity than most front-engine models. Many rear engine mowers have 4-wheel-drive for better traction on sloped lawns and damp grass.

But overall, the Ryobi RY48111 is a good choice if you’re a person looking to do away with the hassles of maintaining a gas-powered mower and have a relatively flat yard. Most other riding mower features boil down to questions of ruggedness, power and maneuverability. It’s easy to dive into a comparison of horsepower, speed and other specifications, but don’t overlook simple features such as comfort. A high-backed seat that absorbs the bumps and vibrations of the work will help you avoid a sore back. If you maintain a lawn that’s a half-acre or more, chances are you’ll appreciate the speed and convenience of a riding lawnmower. Whether you’re buying your first rider or upgrading to a newer model, check out this overview for a snapshot of today’s technology in riding lawn mowers.

Home Depot’s spring sale takes up to $390 off RYOBI electric riding mowers, grills, more – 9to5Toys

Home Depot’s spring sale takes up to $390 off RYOBI electric riding mowers, grills, more.

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Also great for the owner to store it in the non-growing months. His protocol was to by the cheapest mower he can find a Home Depot or Lowes and he never does any maintenance on them and just runs them until they croak and buys a new one. Extensive line of commercial-strength mower and edger blades is featured in Rotary’s 2021 parts catalog. Altoz TSX allows operators to safely and effectively mow terrain that traditional mowers simply cannot. Dwyer thinks the mower is a good fit for a small business owner or a homeowner with a sizeable yard.

Ride in comfort on the Ikon XD thanks to ample cushioning in its high back seat and padded armrests. This lawn mower is designed for commercial use with an 11-gauge steel fabricated deck. Most riding lawn mower seats feature a safety function that disengages the blades when there is no pressure on the driver’s seat. The amount of horsepower you need depends on the width of the cutting deck. For lawn mowers with up to a 42-inch cutting deck, look for at least a 14-horsepower engine to adequately power the deck and the drive wheels.

The Cub Cadet riding mower has a maximum forward speed of 5 mph, which is more than the comparable Troy-Bilt 30 inch product. It also has a smaller rear wheel to the Troy-Bilt riding mower, speaking to how compact this product really is. It has a hydrostatic transmission, which boast the benefits of easy operation, quick to stop in an emergency, and no gearbox, which means that the hydrostatic transmission is much smaller. A hydrostatic transmission is better for small landowners, and the Cub Cadet is the perfect size for those who are looking to mow 1/2 – 2 acres of lawn. If you have a small yard or if you just don’t feel comfortable driving a large lawn mower there is a good solution that might save you money and space in your garage.